Built In Quality: We produce cabinets of quality through our current range and bespoke designs based on customer requirements, due to our experience and expertise in the cabinet manufacturing industry.
Affordability: Our cabinets are well priced, and the quality that we produce equals serious value for money.
World Class Reputation: The company philosophy of supporting customers all over the world has led to the growth of a global presence and a reputation for world class refrigeration cabinets and system solutions.
Simple To Use: Our cabinets are designed with simple controls to allow for easy commissioning, as we want to make every process easier and more manageable for our clients.
Exchange Part System: Our cabinets benefit from an exchange part system for replacing standardised working parts.
Partnerships With Installers: We work hand in hand with retailers and their chosen installers to ensure a smooth implementation in partnership with others in the industry.


  • Plug & Play systems – (repair and maintenance components can be changed quickly).
  • Self-contained fluid cooled or remote.
  • Variable Speed Drives.
  • A patented two-stage high capacity evaporator (multiple patents).
  • Automatic foaming jig produces accurate foamed shells, enabling cabinets to be built accurately.
  • Front lens lighting on bottom front.
  • Better volumetric sales display (Vertical Evaporator).
  • Ozone friendly refrigerant.
  • Cabinet predominantly made from stainless steel.
  • Highly efficient low energy and programmable fan motors.
  • Mirrors on serve over cabinets displaying products from a distance.
  • No heaters used, leading to extended shelf life.
  • Uprights have optional refrigerated defrost, resulting in extended shelf life.
  • Simple controls to allow for easy commissioning.
  • Built to be easy to install, keeping in strategy with our efforts to support installers.



Energy Efficiency: Our systems are built to save energy.
Cost Saving: Energy Efficiency therefore leads to immediate and long-term cost saving.
Longer Shelf Life: Products are kept at a consistent temperature to ensure that they are fresh for longer.
Less Gas Required: Thanks to Liquid Cooled Chilling, there is less gas needed in the refrigeration systems, with no receiver tank required.
Space Is Not An Issue: No trenches or large cables that lead to a plant room are required.
Flexibility: When considering the system’s installation in a store, flexibility is promoted as the system layout can be changed with ease.
Uncomplicated System: Our systems are built to be simple to understand and control, for ease of use and commissioning, meaning that there is less skill required on site.
Leakage Reduction: Refrigeration leakage is reduced from 10-15% to only 1-2%.
Quick Turn Around Time: We implement very fast compared to industry standards, allowing your refrigeration to be set up in a matter of weeks.
Implementation Without Disturbing Business: Our system implementation is not invasive, allowing you to conduct business while the refrigeration system is being installed professionally.
System Monitoring: A dashboard is used to remotely monitor the refrigeration systems to ensure optimal performance and detect issues automatically.
Ongoing Maintenance And Service: Our involvement does not stop after implementation, as we maintain the systems to ensure that they run well and service them when issues arise.

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