In order to help our current and potential clients to understand our business better, we have provided answers to the below Frequently Asked Questions.

Will Omega consult with and advise me on the design and implementation of my refrigeration requirements?

Yes. Our refrigeration systems are built to your specifications and designed hand in hand with our consultants based on your refrigeration needs and feedback. Our consultants and sales staff are trained to provide you with the support that will ensure your refrigeration requirements are met with a personal touch, using our extensive knowledge of the industry to meet the specific challenges that you face, and guiding you along the way to ensure that installation is successfully completed.

Where are the Omega refrigerated cabinets produced?

The Omega Refrigeration systems are proudly and professionally produced in South Africa, at Omega’s factory located in Selby, Johannesburg, which employs over 100 people in various parts of the business.

What are the benefits of Omega’s refrigerated cabinets for retailers and installation contractors?

Omega refrigerated cabinets provide a list of benefits for retailers and installation contractors, which are explained in more detail here.

What are the benefits of Omega’s refrigerated systems for Supermarkets and other Stores?

Omega refrigerated systems provide a list of benefits for Supermarkets and other Stores, which are explained in more detail here.

How can I make my Supermarket cooling greener and more environmentally friendly?

Over 15 years of research and development has gone into our systems with the specific goal of producing energy efficient systems for commercial refrigeration, so using Omega as your refrigeration partner ensures that your Supermarket will benefit from a variety of options that will be environmentally friendly and cost saving.

How does the ongoing maintenance of Omega refrigeration systems work?

Omega will work to install and maintain all systems that it produces for clients, with remote monitoring of the commercial refrigeration’s performance via a monitoring dashboard that allows Omega to respond proactively and quickly to any issues that present in the systems. While other refrigeration monitoring systems only notify their clients of issues, we respond and solve problems before you know there is one.

How long does it take to implement an Omega refrigeration system at a new Supermarket?

A new installation would typically take between 3 – 4 weeks, depending on the size of the store. This compares very favourably with installations of other systems in the industry at present, which can require a period of 3 – 6 months to implement.

How long does it take to implement an Omega refrigeration system for a Supermarket revamp, and will I need to close during this implementation?

With the Omega Self-Contained refrigeration cabinet system the need for a plant room is eliminated. A dry cooler positioned outside is linked to the cabinets inside your store with PVC piping. This means that a plumber is required on site to assist with the installation, but you can continue trading. Conventional installations vary between 2 - 4 months, while our installation time is 2 - 3 weeks.

What is the difference between Omega and other refrigeration companies?

Omega is the industry leaders in energy saving display cabinets and refrigeration system. We manufacture and install state of the art refrigeration solutions.

Does Omega only sell the water-cooled refrigeration system?

Omega is a cabinet manufacturing company and supplies a full supermarket range of remote cabinets to be coupled with any refrigeration system of the clients choosing.

Does the water-cooled system use water?

The Omega water-cooled system is a closed circuit system that works exactly like the radiator of your motor vehicle. This closed circuit system uses no water.  

Does Omega refrigeration or their products have any endorsements worth mentioning?

Omega Refrigeration is the preferred supplier to SPAR group, after being listed amongst the group’s national suppliers, which are selected through an extensive approval process, which include financial, quality, experience and safety considerations, as well as the ability to service the SPAR Group on a national level. Omega Refrigeration exceeded all of the required criteria, and SPAR has displayed confidence in our ability to be a successful supplier to the group both currently and in the future.



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